Tuesday, August 5, 2014

VIDEO Peter Schiff: It's Been Very Difficult to Expand My Show


  1. I love the show and listen to it regularly. I do think he hits more home runs as a designated hitter than an every day player; I also think that gives him the makings of a good politician. The guy can be a bulldog at times. I'll continue to follow his podcasts, etc.

    1. I've often thought that Schiff in the Senate and Paul in the House would have been vastly entertaining. A type A bulldog playing off a relentless type B... both fearless and each a bull in a china shop... what fun!
      And what a target for evil.

  2. Love the show also, and have listened every day for almost four years. I actually found out about EPJ from Tom Woods when he plugged it while guest-hosting the show a long time ago. It's a bummer that it's ending, but I am looking forward to the weekly podcast and videoblogs as always. Let's be honest, at this time Americans are too stupid, or too dependent upon the existing system (perhaps both), to elect a Ron Paul or Peter Schiff to significant positions of power in this country.