Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Alone & Naked Before The State

By Chris Rossini

The following chart shows that single Americans are now more than half the adult population in the "land of the free":

This trend is a plus for The State, and a minus for Liberty.

Lew Rockwell has pointed out that:
"The family, like the structure of the market economy, is a product not of policy but of voluntary association, made necessary by biological and social realities. Capitalism reinforced marriage and family because it insisted on consent in all social relations. The family and capitalism thus share a common institutional and ethical foundation."
The family is not a creation of The State. It wasn't drawn up by social engineers. It sprang forth as a result of voluntary association. That State hates voluntary association (or even voluntary opinion as the PC crowd reminds us on a daily basis). The State reluctantly tolerates anything that's voluntary, because (at the moment) it's still forced to.

Ludwig Von Mises wrote that:
Proposals to transform the relations between the sexes have long gone hand in hand with plans for the socialization of the means of production. Marriage is to disappear along with private property...
Meanwhile, two days ago, Gallup released a poll that says 70% of Americans Favor Federal Funds to Expand Pre-K Education. How wonderful for The State to whisk away the children, so that they may be molded into ideal 'citizens' at such an early age.

My purpose for pointing these trends out is not to say that (A) should get married, or that (B) should have a family, or that (C) should have 5 kids, and that's the right thing to do. No way! As a libertarian, my only concern is that the non-aggression principle is upheld. Your personal and family relationships are your business, and should be chosen by you without some third-party attempting to tip the scales.

The State, on the other hand, has much different objectives and its policies are formed to achieve certain ends. An extremely important end for the The State is that it wants all of your loyalties. Neither a belief in God, nor having a spouse or a family are to stand in the way of those loyalties. You are to rely on, and have total obedience to The State.

I'm sure it's no accident that Bloomberg decided to put "Selfies Rule!" at the top of that chart.

Elitist Rulers are surely pleased.


  1. The problem is that single males often become dangerous to the state.

    Take a look at what has happened with China's one child policy. The USA may have a problem as well if people ever realize the true damage caused by government interference that carries into relationships, dating, etc.

    I wouldn't worry too much about a poll to expand education. They are set up such that if a person says no he'll seem like a monster. Even those against it will often pretend to be for it. I would guess about 90% of americans, maybe more, don't even know where the public school system as it is today came from or what its purposes are. Achieving liberty with a school system designed to make permanent children out of people is unlikely. Thus that needs to be fixed, but first people need to know what this system really is. Otherwise to them it's teaching kids to read and do math and not much else.

  2. The major problem the state has is that they haven't come up with a way to incentivize most men to produce at surplus capacity outside of marriage. They will desperately need that or the state will ultimately collapse in a heap. I suspect that what they would like would be some sort of marriage structure where the State is god.