Thursday, September 18, 2014

Average Harvard Professor Made $203,000 in 2013: Average American CEO Made $178,400 in 2013

Newsalert reports:
We hear with enormous conviction that when people work in the "non-profit" sector they are motivated by altruism as opposed to greedy self-interest. According to Barack Obama and Joe Biden , paying taxes is "patriotism". As you know, Harvard University hasn't been paying their "fair share" since 1636. This enabled Harvard to pay its' average full professors $203,000 in 2013, which is a significantly higher salary than the average American CEO salary of $178,400 ! Harvard has America's biggest college endowment, in 2013- they had a massive $32.3 Billion ...
 Being a satellite of the Democrat party does pay off. Harvard employees were the fourth biggest donors to Barack Obama's 2012 election campaign. Harvard professors generally promote socialism while not sharing the wealth. They are so well paid they make more money than the average CEO in America which hold in contempt ! Just a reminder, the next time you hear Democrats talk about "inequality" because upper class Harvard professors want the other guy to "pay". 

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