Thursday, September 18, 2014

MUST VIEW DNC Video: 2016 Presidential Debate - Rand Paul vs Rand Paul

(ht Jeff Davis)


  1. This is a hack job. Why is this on here? Are there any examples that are actually opinion flipping on here? C'mon, this is terrible. Yes, I like his dad better but this is not substantial.

  2. I agree. This video was deceitful. I don't agree with Rand on every issue and I certainly wish he was a bit more like his father, but that doesn't mean I think anyone should purposefully take his comments out of context to try and find some way to attack him. I think it was a pretty low character move on your part to post this video and imply that you get a kick out of the DNC attacking Rand by piecing together a bunch of comments that were completely devoid of context.