Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Being An Anarchist Can Be Fun

Last night, here in San Francisco, at Circle Rothbard, we touched for a bit on how much fun it can be to tell people that you are an anarchist.

It probably makes more sense in most cases to work into your anarcho-capiatlist views slowly and say you are in favor of a private property society, etc,, but sometimes it is just fun to let it rip.

Chris, K. said last night, that he just likes, in a matter of fact manner, to just drop in the middle of a discussion that he is an anarchist and watch the reactions,.

I told the story of recently being introduced to a person who is running for mayor of Oakland, where I said,"Well, I'm an anarchist, but I do like to know the people in power."

And I don't even want to get into Mark A.'s  comments to TSA agents.

Have you shocked anyone today?



  1. I enjoy letting it rip but also will use the term voluntaryist when trying to explain it. Most people have a misconception of anarchism but much fewer have heard of voluntaryism.

  2. I vary my response/comment depending on the situation/person.

    I usually work slowly into the "anarchist" thing....if it's an ongoing interaction with an acquaintance I start with being a libertarian, move toward "Well, I'm a radical libertarian" and if they take the bait I drop the proverbial anarchist bomb.

    I always make a post comment after the "anarchist" stage and say "not the bomb throwing, throat slitting kind you might mistakenly associate with the word...but the peacefu,l free market kind, sometimes called anarcho- capitalist". After that, if they have a few more questions I answer them and send them to LRC.(I view EPJ a little differently, for someone down the path a little more...)


  3. Anarchists (no the Anarcho ones) don't seem to believe in private property so I don't tend to use that word.