Tuesday, September 9, 2014

How Broke is the Detroit Government?

Detroit is so broke that firefighters get emergency alerts through pop cans, coins, door hinges, pipes and doorbells.

And, says  Tresa Baldas,  they make these gizmos themselves — one involving a pop can that gets tipped over by an incoming fax. The clink of the can means there’s an emergency. Then there’s the chain-reaction gadget: a fax hits a door hinge, which then tugs on a wire, which then sets off a doorbell.

If other Detroit government agencies are in the same bind, Detroit might be a very libertarian place to live.



  1. I live a block and and half from the city border. They still have the energy to ban goats.


  2. Detroit is pretty much controlled by its bureaucracy and LBJ's great grand kids. Two miles from the Grosse Pointe border:


  3. I'm pretty sure you can expect associating libertarianism with Rube-Goldberg-style emergency mechanisms to be misconstrued in the liberal and neocon media.

  4. Yeah, but do the firemen still get to retire at 50?

  5. Keynesian to AnCap: You can't prove anarchy can work. Look at Somalia.

    AnCap to Keynesian: Pfft... That's asinine. Maybe we'll go around in circles discussing Somalia (CIA, living standards), but Detroit ends at Keynesian doorstep.

    1. Funny money housing bubbles (plus housing as an "inflation hedge"), subsidized freeways out to 28 Mile, ghetto public schools if you stay, free white schools out at 28 Mile if you afford a nice big house, subsidized ghetto babies, no place to work except for the drug gangs caused by the drug war or as an overpaid bureaucrat and a completely oblivious political elite. And the same oblivious political elite that exports their wisdom to Iraq with similar results.

      These are our clueless opponents.

  6. It's not libertarian because the people there have not adopted private property rights. It's just a broke government.