Thursday, September 11, 2014

Being an Anarcho-Capitalist Means Never Having...

to feel obligated to separate trash items.

to worry about drug deals, or drug use, by others.

to worry about environmental conservation.

to feel obligated to fight and kill for the Empire.

to vote.


  1. to agree with any other Anarcho-Capitalist on anything except the non-aggression principle.

  2. Anarcho-capitalism is about environmental conservation in a round about way because resources have value. For instance, I separate the metals in the stuff I throw out. People come along and take the metal away voluntarily. Usually rather quickly if it is the day before trash pickup. Why? because if they collect enough metal they'll turn a profit on hauling it to and selling it at a scrap metal recycling place. Government could never accomplish such a system.

  3. That's right, as soon as you spend money without the immediate feedback of become poorer, as is done by governments you will not be able to judge how money should really be alocated.