Friday, September 12, 2014

Black Market Emerges for Ebola Blood Serum; UN Wants to Shut It Down

A black market for an Ebola treatment derived from the blood of survivors is emerging in the West African countries experiencing the worst outbreak of the virus on record, the World Health Organization said.

Naturally, the United Nations believes this is evil. Bloomberg reports:
The United Nations health agency will work with governments to stamp out the illicit trade in convalescent serum, WHO Director-General Margaret Chan told reporters today in Geneva, where the organization is based. 
Yes, it is apparently better in the mind of UN officials that people be coerced into inefficient bureaucratic non-treatments, rather than finding solutions on their own.


  1. I wonder, would 4 billion dead bodies be enough to make these delusional fuckwits wake up to the evil and misery they perpetrate.

    I've always thought it would be an economic crisis that would bring society to its knees, but these people seem hell bent on killing half of humanity.