Friday, September 12, 2014

Excuse #52 for ‘The Pause’ in Global Warming

There are now a  52 explanations for why there has been no warming trend for the last 17 years.

Here's the latest excuse. From the EU’s JOINT RESEARCH CENTRE:
Last decade’s slow-down in global warming enhanced by an unusual climate anomaly:

A hiatus in global warming ongoing since 2001 is due to a combination of a natural cooling phase, known as multidecadal variability (MDV) and a downturn of the secular warming trend. The exact causes of the latter, unique in the entire observational record going back to 1850, are still to be identified, according to a JRC article which analysed the phenomena.

The earth hasn’t warmed at the same pace during the 20th century. The noticeable temperature increases during some periods interspersed with fairly stable or decreasing levels during others have been explained as a combination of secular global warming (likely manmade) and natural climate variability. We are currently, in the early 21st century, experiencing a hiatus period, during which surface temperatures have not risen at the same rate as higher atmospheric radiative forcing.
A list of all 52 excuses is here.

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