Monday, September 29, 2014

BREAKING John McCain Says He Would Support Rand Paul for President

Crazed neocon war monger John McCain told The New Yorker that he would support Rand Paul for president if Rand is the Republican nominee.

“I’ve seen him grow and I’ve seen him mature and I’ve seen him become more centrist," McCain told The New Yorker's Ryan Liaa.

"I know that if he were president or a nominee I could influence him, particularly some of his views and positions on national security. He trusts me particularly on the military side of things, so I could easily work with him. It wouldn’t be a problem.”


Apparently Rand has flipped on McCain (or vice versa). The New Yorker reporter also informs:
Last week, I talked to John McCain again, and he was in a less generous mood. In an interview with the Daily Beast on September 17th, Rand Paul, apparently referring to a widely discredited Internet conspiracy theory, said that McCain had met with ISIS. “They had a doctored picture of me with Baghdadi!” McCain said, speaking of the leader of ISIS: “It is disappointing that he would pick up and legitimatize what was clearly information that was being pushed by people who are enemies of the United States.” McCain now dismissed Rand’s hawkish rhetoric aboutISIS: “He said we have to destroy ISIS, and yet he has not described a strategy in order to achieve that goal.”

PRDEICTION: They will kiss and make up.



  1. This seals it for me. Anyone that lunatic, senile POS would support would be a disaster.

  2. Ha! McCain is the more moderate of the two on