Monday, September 29, 2014

If Rand Paul Becomes President...

keep this in mind.

Josh Mitteldorf at writes:
Andrew Kreig, author of Presidential Puppetry and occasional OEN contributor, makes a case that the JFK assassination fundamentally changed American politics. Presidents from LBJ through Obama have understood that they serve at the pleasure of the CIA, and demands placed on them have been increasingly audacious and destructive. Kreig goes further to assert that every recent presidential candidate (both parties) has been pre-vetted, trained and promoted by the CIA.
Does it appear that Rand has any connections to those that control presidents?

Well there is this oddity, Rand belongs to a secret society (SEE: The Tale of Aqua Buddha Worship Reemerges; Rand Paul as a NoZerman) that counts among its limited number of outside members:

John Dean, who is up to his eyeballs in Watergate.

Dan Rather, who gave a distorted report (before the Zagruder film emerged publicly) of the direction that JFK's head jerked during the assassination.

Leon Jaworski, who was the special prosecutor during the Watergate Scandal, who subpoenaed the tapes that ultimately forced Richard Nixon out of office.

Kenneth Starr, who was an  independent counsel while Bill Clinton was president. He filed the Starr Report, which alleged that Bill Clinton had lied about existence of an affair with Monica Lewinsky, during a sworn deposition. The allegation opened the door for the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the five-year suspension of Clinton’s law license.

And this guy is also a member:

George W. Bush.

There is no smoking gun here, there never is with these guys, though. Just planted guns.



  1. Here's the late comedian Bill Hicks on the subject:

    1. I love Bill Hicks, it was sad when he died. He had to be the first libertarian comic that I've saw growing up.