Wednesday, September 24, 2014

BREAKING New York-New Jersey Announce Massive Increase in Joint Surveillance

Never let a crisis go to waste, always expand the government intrusions into the public's everyday life, when you have the opportunity.

That seems to be the operating motto of Governors Cuomo and Christie.

Taking advantage of the ISIS "crisis," the two have announced that they have"adopted protocols under which New York and New Jersey will immediately begin coordinating intelligence-gathering and information-sharing to defend our residents and bi-state transit infrastructures against acts of terrorism."

"The New York City area has always been a top target for terrorists wishing to spread hatred and fear, and we would be in a state of denial to say that what is going on internationally has not raised that danger,” Governor Cuomo said. “That is why New York and New Jersey are increasing our level of partnership and cooperation – because public safety is paramount and joining together is the best way to defend against any possible dangers. Our residents should rest assured that we are doing everything necessary to keep the region safe.”
 “Global events this week bring the threat into acutely sharp focus,” said Governor Christie.  “We know that our people and assets remain a target in the minds of depraved individuals around the globe, even in the homeland, and we are gravely committed to protecting and defending ourselves against the threat.”  

A Memorandum of Understanding signed by the Governors comes nine days after they held a top-level security meeting in New York with national, state and local law enforcement and security heads.

Among the fun things that New Yorkers amd New Jerseyites can look forward to, according to a joint statement, are:
Over the next 100 days, a surge in law enforcement and military personnel will join forces within the metropolitan area to engage in counterterrorism operations by increasing visibility, inspections and surveillance on and at trains and train stations, airports, landmarks, and bridges and tunnels. Additionally, New York and New Jersey will participate in a joint emergency exercise in the coming months and continue to evaluate methods for increased intelligence and emergency coordination.


  • Two-hour bag checks for PATH, increase in bag and train checks. Numbers of bag checks will be recorded.

  • Extended on- and off-train checks PATH. Numbers will be recorded.

  • Emergency Service Unit directed patrols, visible with heavy weapons, mornings and afternoons daily.

  • JFK ESU truck, directed patrols.

  • K-9 directed patrols, visible mornings and afternoons daily.

  • PAPD to maintain heavy weapon visibility; curb side, interior, exterior and ramp side at El Al at JFK and EWR.

  • Vehicle Inspection truck checks, at various crossings, visible during am and pm rush hour.

  • CIB to deploy two additional counter surveillance detectives, mornings and evenings daily; specific to PATH, PABT, WTC, and crossings.

  • Added additional patrol car for LGA, high visibility checks, days and afternoons.

  • PABT add two high visibility posts mornings and afternoons.

  • Counter Terrorism Unit at PATH to conduct surges at various stations.

  • Increased mobilization drills at PA facilities in both States working with NYSP, NJSP and Federal and local partners

  • ---
    The National Guard's Joint Task Force – Empire Shield will surge up to two times its current strength, totaling up to 500 military personnel. The Task Force will closely and visibly work alongside the NYC Police Department Counter-Terrorism unit, AMTRAK Police, and various other city and state law enforcement agencies.
    The New York State Police will assign dozens of State Troopers to train platforms and on the trains themselves, which has only been done sporadically in the past and never at this level. Additionally, in conjunction with the MTA Police Department, State Troopers will police the Port Washington, Hempstead, Long Beach, West Hempstead, Babylon, Montauk, Oyster Bay, Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma, Far Rockaway and City Terminal Zone branches of the Long Island Rail Road and the Hudson and Harlem Line of the Metro-North Railroad.
    The MTA will increase uniformed officer presence by 30-50 percent at high volume stations, increase its random bag checks, increase perimeter checks and curbside sweeps at stations and terminals, and monitor security video of high-profile locations throughout Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North Railroad, New York City Transit, Bridges and Tunnels, and Lower Manhattan Security Initiative command centers.

    The New Jersey Transit Police will increase uniformed law enforcement visibility at train, bus and light rail stations, and increase K9 deployments, random baggage inspection and train order maintenance sweeps.
    The agreement also calls for New York and New Jersey to expand the operation safe guard program and commit more resources toward educating the public about “See Something Say Something.”
    Study history my friends, a turnkey police state is being created. One quirky development and this police state turns on all of us.


    (ht Jaison De Montalegre)


    1. The police state has already been created and turned on us. It's just a matter of degree.

      Not that I care, but why does EL AL get heavy weapons visibility? Hopefully the Israeli national airline is paying for the extra guard duty and services are not being provided gratis?! Oh, and does anyone find it ironic much that two of the most anti-gun states in the country are expanding heavy weapon presence?

      "They [the masses] want to be delivered from the bugaboos that ride them. They want to be soothed with mellifluous words. They want heroes to worship. They want rough entertainment suitable to their simple minds. The science of politics under democracy consists of trading with them, i.e., in hoodwinking and swindling them. ... It is combat between jackals and jackasses." -- H. L. Mencken, Notes on Democracy, A New Edition, p. 87.

      "Politicians must justify their existence in managing the affairs of the state. They first create the problems and then they are delighted with all the activity in expanding government and solving the very problems they created." -- Congressman Ron Paul, End the Fed, p. 110.

      Since the state is a leech upon society, it must justify what it steals in order to exist. The state creates fear. Fear begets a larger state, and its price is liberty. -- Me, 3/31/2010

    2. What about the employment aspect of the whole thing? Yes, they are ratcheting up the police state, but I can't help thinking that it this is also tied to employment at some not-insignificant level. More surveillance means more jobs that most of the sheeple won't object to. While the powers-that-be won't say that publicly, I suspect that - at least for some of the bastards making these 'bold' decisions to protect 'we the people' - they see this as an artful way of driving down unemployment.

    3. Thank God they are taking care of us. If they mean what they say, anyway. Trouble is, we can't trust any of our leaders.

      Last weekend, my son was playing tuba in a band at a local Memorial Park (military) dedication. Lots of flags and speeches, the 'keynote' including "you are only free because we live in a dangerous world, and your military protects you," along those lines. I chose to be a wimp, in front of a thousand people, and not stand up; I'll try not to do that again.

    4. Monument Capital Adds Palantir Executive to Advisor Stable

      Monument Capital, a private equity underwriter (PEU) specializing in the security space, announced the addition of three advisors to its already robust team. The three are Michael Leiter, Professor Silvio Micali and Professor Alex Pentland.

      Leiter, who joined MCGH as a senior advisor, is Head of Global Government & Cyber Operations and Senior Counselor to the CEO of Palantir Technologies.

      Palantir is the seeing rock guarding the annual Bilderberg meeting from public scrutiny. How does hiding the machinations of global tamperers make the world more secure? And this effort is being led by a supposed libertarian.....

      The world has gone flippy floppy which provides Monument Capital, effectively a Carlyle Group franchisee, the opportunity to make grand returns. I don't feel more secure.