Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ebola and the United States Government

A top international disease scientist contacted me today with some developments on a story I am working. I took the opportunity to ask him about the Ebola outbreak (He had spent time in Africa during previous outbreaks.)

He confirmed a lot of the suspicions I wrote about in my post, The US Military and the Ebola Outbreak.

He told me that the United States government considers Ebola a strategic weapon and that most other governments know this. He said there are likely now spies in West Africa from Germany, Russia and elsewhere, who don't for a minute believe the outbreak is not a US research project that has gotten out of control. He said Israelis are also all over the place. They have major mining interests in West Africa.

He told me that the spies want to get their hands on the virus so that their scientists can see how the strain might be different from previous strains. He said they also will observe how those that are infected are being treated.

As for the story that the Ebola virus resulted from bats that were carrying the disease, he pointed me to a 1992 book, Bat Bomb: World War II's Other Secret Weapon.



Compelling Evidence of Ebola Misdirection by the US Government

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