Tuesday, September 9, 2014

College Football Team To Be Draped In War Propaganda

By Chris Rossini

The War Machine trudges on.

Tomorrow night, Obama is supposed to present his 'game plan' against ISIS to the American public. It's all just a 'game' anyway right?

Speaking of games....The War Machine's "educational" arms are keeping the propaganda nice and thick. Here's the new uniform for the Maryland Terpins:
With all the options available to put on a uniform, the glorification of war was chosen. In this case, the U.S.'s first war of choice, The War of 1812.

Yes, this was another needless and unnecessary war. And yes (just as in modern times) nothing good came of it. This was the war that gave us the Star-Spangled Banner. You know, the one that plays before every major sporting event, where GROWN MEN all stand up and place their hands on their hearts, as if they're reciting a prayer in a 60,000 seat church.

This was the war that saw paper money inflation and banksterism. Murray Rothbard explains:
"As the banks all faced failure, the governments, in August 1814, permitted all of them to suspend specie payments - that is, to stop all redemption of notes and deposits in gold or silver - and yet to continue in operation. In short, in one of the most flagrant violations of property rights in American history, the banks were permitted to waive their contractual obligations to pay in specie while they themselves could expand their loans and operations and force their own debtors to repay their loans as usual."
As usual, to clean up its previous mess, the government's solution is to always ratchet-up the tyranny. President James Madison proposed a second central bank in the U.S. as a solution to the banking mess. This would be one of the fungus-ridden bricks that would pave the road to The Federal Reserve.

The War of 1812 was also the war that saw the government debate conscription (i.e., kidnapping) and an income tax (i.e., theft). However the war ended too quickly to see those ideas come into fruition. Lincoln would take care of both at a later date though.

So, in this age of Empire & Exceptionalism, why wouldn't the Maryland football team drape itself in war propaganda?

After all, it's only a 'game', right?


  1. This is one the reasons I really dont like attending live sporting events like I used to in recent years. Im just sick of the militarization

  2. Cheeseball.

    Kind of like last time, which not sure which one is worse, this one or the one that had the American flag with a splash of red all over it. The splash of red was referring to wounded soldiers or "heroes". At least this one has substance...in a bad way.

  3. It's like a religion. Americans like wars as long as they're far away.

  4. I went to the Buccaneers game this past weekend and we were instructed four times to stand an applaud troops that they brought to the field or panned over in the stands by the camera. Not to mention the flyover at the beginning of the game by some Air Force built plane.

    Granted, the stadium is a few miles from MacDill Air Force Base. Still, the football/military partnership seems very real.

  5. My son and I attend Utah Jazz games on occasion. However, the last few games we attended, they almost always feature a "soldier of the game". Putting aside the fact that no soldiers PLAY in the game, I absolutely refuse to stand an cheer or honor any of these individuals.

    Oh, and we're usually just late enough to completely avoid the signing of the national anthem. I've had enough of that as well.