Sunday, September 28, 2014

Crony Capitalist George Soros Must Be Loaded Down with Green Energy Investments

WND reports:
A group of wealthy businessmen with ties to the Obama political machine has put out an email blast asking Americans to submit public comments to the EPA in favor of the president’s “aggressive plan to tackle climate change.”

The new EPA regulations on power plants would result in millions of lost jobs while forcing consumers to pay more for their electricity, critics say. The EPA is accepting public comments on the proposed rules through Dec. 1 but the White House has decided to bypass Congress on the issue.

Organizing for Action, funded by billionaire investor George Soros, Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and other progressive rainmakers, asks recipients of the email to “Stand with the President” by submitting a public comment to the EPA before the deadline passes.

“Right now, the EPA is collecting public comments about President Obama’s Clean Power Plan,” the email says. It then provides a link tagged, “Add your name to make sure your voice is part of it – and we’ll make sure the EPA gets it.”

Organizing for Action, formed by Obama’s top political aides, has made climate change, amnesty for illegal aliens, abortion rights and gun control its top priorities since getting Soros and other wealthy businessmen to underwrite its agenda.

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  1. "It’s a highly formalized and mathematical theory whose two main pillars are the efficient market hypothesis and the theory of rational expectations" - Soros on Hayek's economics.

    Imagine that this travesty happened on the Hayek day at Cato's F.A.Hayek auditorium, the guy talked absolute gibberish for over 20 mins and kept attributing Hayek to Chicago school.