Sunday, September 28, 2014

OMG Rand Paul Aqua Buddha Worship in Taiwanese Animation

A Rand watcher sends along this clip. See the 39 second mark. And what is really crazy about this clip, created in 2010, is that assisting Rand in the animated re-creation, of the Aqua Buddha kidnapping, is a guy that looks like Dmitri Kesari. Kesari is at the epicenter of the developing Ron Paul Inc. scandal.

Kesari, of course, didn't know Rand when he was at Baylor, when Rand was an active Nozerman, but I have been heard reports that Kesari did do some driving for Rand in 2010 when Rand first ran for the Senate. Is that where the Taiwanese got the idea of a Kesari likeness driving Rand around? Or should we just chalk it up to coincidence---or maybe Aqua Buddha is sending us all a message?

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