Friday, September 5, 2014

Dumb Money on the Streets of San Francisco

I overheard this last night while passing two people on Sutter Street in San Francisco:
She was able to get a $70,000 a year job, without any experience. Some startup was able to raise $5 million and she worked there until the company blew through all the money.
The Fed money printing is putting a lot of  money in the hands of people who have no clue as to how to evaluate a business opportunity. If you want to raise money, do it now, while the Fed money machine is still cranking.



  1. I know two people close to me that have been doing this for a good 5-8 years...they go to a company with venture capital money...the company burns it up and they move's blows my mind sometimes.

    One is in Los Angeles and done it three times in around 6 years(internet industry), the other is in Toronto(Canada) and done it about the same(Pharma).

  2. Been there done that. I worked for Ask Jeeves as a programmer in 01-02. Same thing. People who should have been asking you what you wanted with your latte getting jobs.

  3. Anybody want to venture to guess as to how she got the job? Or, how he would?