Friday, September 12, 2014

How To Think About US Air Strikes Against ISIS

The airstrikes are like trying to take out all the bees in a bee hive, with an Uzi, Some will scatter, though they will eventually regroup, and some may come back to sting you.



  1. My dad and uncles (with me present) did that once with a shotgun. A big, fat hive. They didn't come back.

    I would think of bombing ISIS as more of Frankenstein's monster. You create the monster then you destroy it. In the case of the USG, they create the monster, then play with it - maybe destroy it - then act like the heroes because they destroyed or fought successfully or not their own monster.

  2. Nobel Committee Regrets Obama Peace Prize

  3. The real issue here is that, as usual, our foreign policy, is creating blowback. That foreign policy has not changed, so neither will the blowback.

    ISIS is a US creation from cold-war-esque Operation Gladio tactics modified to fit US specific interests in the Middle East. Things really boil down to the fact that our government is using hegemonic tactics in an attempt to secure natural resources outside of our own country.

    Sibel Edmonds was on the Lew Rockwell Show this week. That podcast really is an eye-opener. It allows you to connect the dots very well. It doesn't take much to see that all US intelligence agencies are actively engaged in false-flag operations all over the world all the time in order to manipulate people to their own ends. It's very easy to see why the Boston Marathon Bombing by the Tsarnaev brothers has really gone quiet. I'd hazard a guess the brothers were Operation Gladio recruits.

  4. It's like swatting flies with a sledgehammer. You may kill an occasional fly, but it won't be worth the holes in the wall.

    The much touted ISIS strategy will be a gigantic flop, just like the past attempts to wipe out terrorists. The true believers probably think we just have to drop more bombs. The smarter ones realize the policy is not intended to win the war on terror, but to perpetuate its existence (much like the stupid war on drugs).

    More terrorists means more fear by the sheeple. More fear translates into more war time spending and control of the economy. None of this will make us safer.

    Of course, none of this will matter when the dollar collapses. When that happens, the empire folds, the spending comes to a crashing halt, and the troops come home. Then Americans will realize that they were sold a bill of goods for decades. It'll be a painful lesson.