Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jennifer Rubin's Empire Gluttony

By Chris Rossini

There are neocons, and then there are NEOCONS. Washington Post's Jennifer Rubin definitely falls into the latter category. Every time I read her relentless war essays, I'm flabbergasted that (A) enough people will read it to merit printing in a mainstream paper, and (B) that at the same time our side of peace and liberty are considered "fringe" and "insane".

What a bizarre set of circumstances...

Anyway, as if The Empire didn't have enough self-imposed problems to continue meddling in, whether in the Middle East, or Ukraine, Rubin adds one more to the mix....Hong Kong.

Here's Rubin:
Now what would have given the Chinese the impression they can run roughshod over Hong Kong?...Maybe the Chinese have watched Vladimir Putin invade and occupy a separate country, with no effective response from the U.S.
Not a stone on Earth may go unturned without the great Empire setting things straight.
Our experience with dictatorships over decades should remind us. When the U.S. is indifferent or timid on human rights, dictators become more repressive. And when the U.S. then does not react those dictators are emboldened. The result is more brazen aggression and restriction of civil society.
This is what a false belief in complete and unlimited power looks like. This is what world government looks like. Forget the UN and other toothless organizations. If someone burps in China, Rubin wants the U.S. on top of it.

This is Empire Gluttony.


  1. Ex-Spy Vindicated After Protesting Hillary

    Offending the Queen

    Ray’s offense was to turn his back on Hillary Clinton, literally.

    In 2011, at George Washington University during a public event where Clinton was speaking, McGovern stood up and turned his back to the stage. He did not say a word, or otherwise disrupt anything. University cops grabbed McGovern in a headlock and by his arms, and dragged him out of the auditorium by force, their actions directed from the side by a man whose name is redacted from public records. Photos (above) of the then 71-year-old McGovern taken at the time of his arrest show the multiple bruises and contusions he suffered while being arrested. He was secured to a metal chair with two sets of handcuffs. McGovern was at first refused medical care for the bleeding caused by the handcuffs. It is easy to invoke the words thug, bully, goon.

    The charges of disorderly conduct were dropped, McGovern was released and it was determined that he committed no crime.

    But because he had spoken back to power, State’s diplomatic security printed up an actual wanted poster citing McGovern’s “considerable amount of political activism” and “significant notoriety in the national media.” Diplomatic security warned agents should USE CAUTION (their emphasis) when stopping McGovern and conducting the required “field interview.” The poster itself was classified as Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU), one of the multitude of pseudo-secret categories created following 9/11.

    Violations of the First and Fourth Amendments by State


  2. That's what it means to be an interventionist. They want to intervene literally everywhere. Boundaries and jurisdiction be damned!