Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Los Angeles School District Has Grenade Launchers

Los Angeles Unified School District police officials are considering whether they need the armored vehicle and grenade launchers they have received from the U.S. military, CBS Los Angeles reports.

The military hardware at the disposal of LAUSD police officers includes a 20-foot-long, 14-ton armored transport vehicles. The armored vehicle is worth $733,000, and the school district’s police force got it from the government for free.

They also have grenade launchers that they received shortly after 9-11.

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  1. San Diego schools have also received an MRAP. Of course it will be used as a "rescue vehicle".

    "There will be medical supplies in the vehicle. There will be teddy bears in the vehicle. There will be trauma kits in the vehicle in the event any student is injured, and our officers are trained to give first aid and CPR,"