Saturday, September 13, 2014

Rand Paul's Strange New Over the Top Support for Israel

Rand has this now posted to his Facebook page:

I enjoyed meeting with Zach Huff today. Zach is an American who is an active duty combat soldier in the Israel Defense Forces and veteran of the recent Gaza operation. I will continue to stand with Zach and Israel.

This, deservedly, generated strong objections in the comments section of the post. A sampling:
Henry Stowe: Who is standing for Americans in America?

Eoghan Hartigan: If the senator isn't careful he'll lose his father's legacy, while never convincing the neocons that he's one of them.

Daniel Veelle: Israel does absolutely nothing for the US except take our money. They have admitted to running espionage operations against the US and have even attacked one of our ships(USS Liberty). Israel Is not our responsibility, so why do we act like it.

Jim Whitefield: I'm confused I thought rand was against foreign aid or involvement with Israel?

Alex McCoy: Stand with America and Americans and stay the hell away from conflicts in the middle east!
Back to Ron Paul...I'm outta here.

Jesse Herrera: What happened to you Rand!??

Edwardo Richtofen: Not sure I want to vote for someone who supports a nation that has basically stolen it's land, committed war crimes, is a non member to the NPT. Call me anti-semetic, everyone does when you criticize izzy... but lets be real here! Call a spade a spade.
But here is the real kicker, Zach Huff, the Israeli Defense Forces soldier in the picture with Rand, first showed up on my radar about a year ago, when I was first learning about the still developing Ron Paul, Inc./Kent Sorenson payoff scandal.

His name was mentioned to me in connection with Dmitri Kesari. He apparently knew Kesari quite well during the 2012 Ron Paul Campaign. 

Kesari is undoubtedly the person identified as "Political Operative D" in the Statement of Facts that was filed in conjunction with the guilty plea of Sorenson.

And, so, we have a still developing under-the-table payoff scandal, with Kesari at the epicenter, and Rand coming out with an over-the-top endorsement of Israel, and also showing support for Huff, "I will continue to stand with Zach and Israel."

To be sure, there is no indication at all that Huff has done anything illegal, but it is sure strange that an American/Israeli soldier shows up on Rand's office doorstep, an Israeli soldier who has some type of connection to the person at the epicenter of the developing payoff scandal.

I can tell you this resulted in more than a couple of cell phones draining, yesterday, of in the loop players discussing what now has turned in to something akin to a bad movie plot.


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  1. RW, like it or not but Ron Paul mostly had a cult following. Rand is simply leveraging this cult following. He knows that his father's supporters will support him no matter what he does because he is the son of their guru.