Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rubin Slams Rand Paul "Staff Problem"

Jennifer "Crazy Lady" Rubin appears to have figured it out:
Does Rand Paul have a staff problem?... His 2010 campaign chief Jesse Benton, his father’s former 2012 campaign director and expected 2016 campaign chief, was forced to resign from Sen. Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) campaign over controversy swirling in an Iowa bribery scandal. (Also being mentioned is another familiar face in the Paul family political operation, Dmitri Kesari.) 
Other aides have problems of their own. Longtime confidante Doug Stafford was allegedly caught on tape directing funds from a 501c(4) group to political candidates, part of a longstanding issued concerning the Right to Work organization and affiliated groups. It is hard to find someone in his inner circle who does not have a nose for trouble. (Rand Paul’s communications chief Brian Darling was forced to resign from former senator Mel Martinez’s office in 2005 after being identified as the author of an objectionable memo on the Terry Schiavo affair and denying his authorship.)
Expect many more attacks like this from Democrats, neocons and establishment Republicans, especially as the DOJ takes its next step. The establishment Republicans may be most aggressive in the attacks, as they attempt to make the developing crisis a "Rand Problem" versus a Republican problem.


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