Thursday, September 11, 2014

TSA MADNESS: Attempt Full Body Pat Down of Passenger -- AFTER Landing!

Kahler Nygard flew from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to Denver last Saturday but was told to exit the plane before all other passengers before being met by TSA agents at the gate, reports InfoWars.

 Nygard was eventually able to leave the airport without being apprehended by law enforcement.

More from InfoWars:
local Fox News story about the incident said that Nygard, “was on a list that should have singled him out for screening — but that didn’t happen.”
According to the report, Nygard should have been subjected to enhanced screening at Minneapolis Airport because his name was, “on the secondary security screen list known as “quad S,” and Nygard, “had a boarding pass designated with four bold S’s.”
The TSA failed to notice the details on Nygard’s boarding pass and he was allowed to board the plane. It was only after a Spirit employee called the TSA when the plane was half way to Denver that the oversight was recognized.
Nygard, “slipped through three layers of security, and no one was any the wiser until he was already in the air,” states the report, noting that some of the red flags that get someone on the ‘quad S’ list include, “buying your ticket the same day, paying cash, or getting a one-way ticket.”
In an email to Infowars, Nygard said that the Fox News story was mostly “lies,” noting that he was forced to undergo a full body pat down at Minneapolis Airport. Nygard also states that Fox News’ characterization of him as a “Somali-American man” is inaccurate given that his descendents are Poles and Norwegians.


  1. Omg. Post-flight "screenings" - what's next?

  2. Fox News got almost all of the details wrong; shocking.