Friday, September 26, 2014

VIDEO San Francisco Parking Cop Clinging to Speeding Car’s Hood

I doubt it will hold up in a government court system, but the defense the women came up with is pretty clever.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports:
Video emerged Thursday of a San Francisco parking control officer clinging to the hood of a Toyota Prius as the driver of the car sped off on the streets of the city.

The video, posted by KRON-TV, shows the parking control officer hanging onto the hood of the vehicle as Bo Monsoumbath, 33, allegedly accelerates away, according to police. Monsoumbath has pleaded not guilty to felony charges of assault, battery and hit-and-run.

Authorities said the incident happened at about 10 a.m. Sept. 18 after the meter reader saw Monsoumbath take a street-sweeping parking ticket off the windshield of the car parked in front of hers and put it on her Prius near Alamo Square, apparently to avoid getting a ticket of her own.

She was walking away when she was stopped by the officer, police said. She got into her car and sped off, and the officer jumped onto the hood to avoid getting run over, police say.

She continued driving down Oak Street, police say, as the officer yelled at her through the windshield as people watched in shock.

The hit-and-run allegation was lodged because Monsoumbath also hit a motorcyclist in the process and did not stop, police said.

Monsoumbath told KRON-TV and KTVU reporters that the officer had sexually harassed her, had asked for her phone number — insinuating that the ticket would go away if she did — and that she drove off because she wasn’t sure he was a real parking control officer

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  1. The best defense is a good offense. Great counter-charges. Put the cop on the back foot and make him prove a negative. Hooray for her!