Wednesday, September 3, 2014

WAR Uber Banned in Germany

Uber has been barred from operating in Germany.

Uber could face fines in Germany of up to 250,000 euros, about $330,000 per illegal ride and its local drivers could be jailed for up to six months if the company violates the temporary injunction.

The court, however, has no enforcement capacity and the taxi group that brought the case will have to file a separate complaint over each  violation of the injunction.

It appears that Uber will ignore the ban and fight it out.

Uber released the following statement:
Trying to limit people’s choice doesn’t ever seem like a good idea. However, it was the idea behind the recent lawsuit filed by Taxi Deutschland in Frankfurt. We believe innovation and competition is good for everyone – riders and drivers, everyone wins. You can’t put the brakes on progress.

The services offered via Uber’s app have been embraced by German riders and drivers. There is a reason why Germany is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe. It is because German people love smart choices, smart cities and Uber’s first class service.

Uber will carefully review the content of the preliminary decision of the Frankfurt Regional Court, and will appeal this decision and vigorously defend the claim that has been filed by Taxi Deutschland.

Uber will continue its operations – and will continue to offer its services via its app – throughout Germany.
Wow, not that is what I call deep pocket, serious free market warring. Go Uber!


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  1. Agreed. Go Uber!!! I've never used their service but have heard good things about it. Plus, let the customer decide not some jack wagon bureaucrat.