Saturday, September 13, 2014

"When a Black Theologian Goes into Print Saying that I am Part of Something He Calls 'Ideological Tribalism'"

By Gary North

These days, I don't write an entire article defending myself against an attack on my position, unless the person making the attack is important, or else the person making the attack represents a position that I regard as important. I used to. I sometimes would write a book in response. Not any more. I have grown mellow.

But when a black theologian goes into print saying that I am part of something he calls "ideological tribalism," I just can't resist. His name is Anthony Bradley.

I am 72 years old. Much of my mental imagery is the product of the years I spent in movie theaters in my youth. The movies did not shape my ideology, but they surely shaped my imagery. So, when I learned that I am part of an ideological tribe, the image that instantly popped into my head was from King Kong. Carl Denham has taken his camera crew to Skull Island, and they are secretly photographing the tribe's dancers, who are dancing in a circle, in preparation to offer a human sacrifice to Kong. "Uga, uga, uga -- Kong!"

[Note: I did not see it in 1933. I'm old, but I'm not that old. I saw it in a re-release in 1954.]
I can visualize myself in a straw kilt. "Uga, uga, uga -- Mises!" My vote for the appropriate sacrifice would be Paul Krugman. But I digress.

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