Saturday, September 13, 2014

The War on Painkillers

By Michael S. Rozeff

Laws regulating certain painkillers have been escalating in the last few years, to the detriment of people who have to live with pain. Do we all not know the challenge of living with pain, moderate or severe, for short periods? Do we not all know someone who lives with constant pain due to a variety of medical conditions? How stupid and heartless can a people be with laws that deny painkillers or hassle those who need them for the sake of preventing them from falling into the hands of yet other people who are addicted?
Some doctors who prescribe painkillers are under attack by the FBI and DEA, the criteria for their targets being unknown. Yesterday, FBI and DEA agents searched the offices of the largest pain management/neuralgia clinic in New York state, located in Williamsville nearby. This city and Amherst are among the lowest crime cities in America. They made off with records and office equipment.
Another article about the search has comments with nothing but favorable testimonials for the diligence of the clinic’s staff and the care they received.
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  1. Having been a dumbass in my life and getting hooked on painkillers, I understand the inclination to want to stop it. However, getting off of them for me had absolutely nothing to do with law and regulation, and everything to do with myself.

  2. Ok, let's start with a given: the DEA care absolutely nothing for the health and welfare of the American public. (Although I'm sure there are some well-meaning individuals working there.) So what is their justification for coming down hard on the painkillers? The justification has to be based on the perpetuation of the power and budget of the DEA. Is it possible that they see the writing on the wall regarding marijuana and are starting to look for other "budget justifiers"?