Saturday, October 11, 2014

America’s 10 Snobbiest Cities?

The snobby readers of Travel + Leisure have ranked the 10 snobbiest American cities.

I guess they would know. According to the snobs, they are:

No. 1 New York City

No. 2 Miami

No. 3 Los Angeles

No. 4 Washington, D.C.

No. 5 Boston

No. 6 Tampa

No. 7 Dallas

No. 8 San Francisco

No. 9 Salt Lake City

No. 10 Providence

I personally would consider New Yorkers busy, rather than snobs. And Angelenos as posers (Though if you try hard enough, you can find some great fun, and very smart, Angelenos). But if you want to meet snobs, attend a meeting of Washington D.C.-based government regulators.

(via NyPo)

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  1. Providence? LOL. WTF do they have to be snobby about, their shitty accent?