Wednesday, October 22, 2014

BITCOIN IS EVIL: The Final Proof

It's time for every person who seriously calls himself a libertarian to abandon the notion that Bitcoin is some kind of magic escape hatch from government regulation, intervention and control of the money supply.

Bitcoin is a very trackable transaction medium. And, now,  market leaders in Bitcoin like BitPay, Bitstamp, Coinsetter and Ripple Labs are attempting to set up an electronic identification system that will allow governments to track Bitcoin users. The horrific details are here.


  1. I never understood the thought that bitcoin is anonymous. If there are numbers associated with it online, tracking is absolutely possible.

    1. The nature of Bitcon is that ever transaction is verified against a central ledger. You hack the ledger, you know where each bit goes.

  2. That's like saying that since banks report your gold holdings then gold is evil. Bunch of nonsense.