Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Top 10 U.S. States Where Chinese Are Investing in Real Estate

In San Francisco there are buses that take Chinese investors from one SF  building available for purchase to the next.

I understand that a group of Chinese inventors has also purchased land across the bay in Oakland in an area known as Jack London Square. They plan to spend billions on projects at that location. l have long considered JLS to be an unpolished jewel, perfect for development given its waterside views, boat access and proximity to SF.


  1. As the dollars continue to flow back to America. How long before a trickle becomes a deluge?

  2. Also, Chinese like to deal with their own and pay cash.

  3. Has anyone heard the theory that this is apart of the a plot by the Chinese government to take over the US by having it's wealthiest people buy up huge amounts of land in order to create closed communities and build a guerrilla army?