Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ebola.com Internet Domain is For Sale

File under: Odd entrepreneurship

WaPo reports that the owner of Ebola.com wants $150,000 for the web address.

The owner, Jon Schultz, is a "merchant of disease domains," according to Wapo. Schultz also owns such properties as birdflu.com and H1N1.com.

He bought Ebola.com in 2008 for $13,500.

When asked how he felt profiting off a killer disease, he said:
But you could say the same thing about doctors. ...They can become very well-off treating very sick patients. 
Scultz is in a very odd business, but this idea that  there is something wrong with profit, when all it means is that an owner can sell something to someone else is at a higher price than he paid for it, suggests that the general population has a problem in understanding the nature of profit.


  1. Where he makes money speculating in the Federal Reserve Era, open borders, and propaganda, that adds nothing of value, it's understandable, particularly with that last name, that people will not care about such a merchant of misery.

  2. Sadly, a quick survey of the nets forum comments, suggest the vast majority vilify the websites owner Mr Shultz. They claim his is profiteering off of others misery. This exemplifies the misunderstanding of free market economics, by the vast public. It has become so common, it should be classified as a disease (collectivism), just by itself. It only takes a little common sense to realize, his domain name ebola.com is not the same thing as a cure, but few see this distinction, and assert his domain should be forcefully taken, for the benefit of the public good. I would laugh at the naivety of this mob mentality, if it were not so scary.