Monday, October 6, 2014

How Michelle Obama's Daughters Eat vs. The Rules Michelle Has Set Down for Public School Kids

New York’s North Tonawanda Board of Education is lashing out at the new school lunch rules championed by First Lady Michelle Obama.

“We left thinking, what are we feeding these kids?” school board president Colleen Osborn, said at a recent meeting, according to the Tonawanda News.

“We have students of all different shapes and sizes. Some of these kids have lunch at 10 a.m. and then they’re limited and can’t buy other things. It’s a broken system.”

The paper reports the board is concerned students may be going hungry.

In 2012, some students made a "We Are Hungry," video objecting to Michelle as Food Nazi.

There is much to debate with regard to the choices of food in Michelle's food rules for kids (Put it this way, she appears to hate paleo), but at the core of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, is a limit on the calorie count of school lunches to 850.

So how does this compare to the calorie count at Sidwell Friends School, where Michelle's daughters attend?

It doesn't. There are no calorie restrictions at SFS.

The daughters are offered a veritable daily Roman feast. They can eat until they puke.

Lunch at SFS is all you can eat buffet style.

Barbara Boland reports on the details of this daily feast:
While the Obama daughters have enjoyed dishes like chicken coconut soup, local butternut squash soup, crusted tilapia, they also get their fill of what Mrs. Obama might consider junk food.
This week, for example, they'll enjoy meatball subs, BBQ wings, and ice cream, in addition to chicken curry, deviled egg salad and the intriguing "Chef's Choice."


  1. Please don't call them public schools - call them what they are: government schools.

  2. Pretty much everything in government schools is designed to create fungible human resources for corporations, government, and the military, so why not the food? In the schools like those the Obama children attend things are designed to create people who will be leaders, thinkers, and so forth, so why not the food?

  3. Another example of "Do as I say, not as I do".

    And Spock is right - government schools.

  4. Like Judge Smails said in Caddy Shack ; You'll get nothing and like it!