Thursday, October 2, 2014

It's On: Walter Block Responds to My Challenge

Walter has responded to my challenge, which I detailed here: Block versus Wenzel on Rand Paul, part 3; Is Walter Block Misreading Rand?

Here is Walter's email to me:

Dear Bob:

I don’t trust them further than I can throw them. Please ask them for a copy of this recording.

Best regards,


Walter E. Block, Ph.D.
Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics
Joseph A. Butt, S.J. College of Business                
Loyola University New Orleans
I have contacted The New Yorker and requested a copy of the relevant portion of the audio. I will post the audio or any other response, when I receive such.



  1. This is great Bob. Glad to see someone at least trying to keep the politicians and media honest.

  2. This should be a true learning experience. Either way, if they release the audio, someone is going to learn something. Kudos to both debating parties.

  3. This is not going to end soon. LOL
    The question is whether it is in TNY's interests to release the tape, or whether it's better for 'the cause' to keep it secret (you know, for data privacy reasons, of course).
    Dollars to donuts that they see it as being in their interests to let Mr Rand stew in this for a while.

  4. I predict they will say they have a policy of not releasing their raw interview audio, unless under court order or something blah blah blah.

  5. "I honestly predict Hillary Clinton will win the next election. But I also wouldn't be surprised if Rand Paul won and did to libertarians much of what Obama did to liberals. Make countless empty promises, read speeches full of appealing rhetoric off of teleprompters, etc. All while continuing the status quo while his loyal followers turn a blind eye to it. It'd be a pretty good tactic to keep most libertarians at bay, at least, the ones who still believe a politician can save them."
    -Brian Hazel