Thursday, October 30, 2014

Longstanding San Francisco's Luna Park Restaurant to Close Because of Higher Minimum Wage

From the SF Eater:
Longstanding Valencia Street hip-casual dinner-and-a-cocktail spot Luna Park will close by the end of the year, the restaurant's owner AJ Gilbert told Uptown Almanac over the weekend. According to Gilbert, the popular brunch spot with the whimsical early-aughts flair, is closing due to an expected increase in labor costs that will come along a $15 minimum wage in San Francisco. Although the minimum wage bill doesn't actually go before voters until election day next week, Gilbert believes it is a sure-thing.

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  1. Funny enough, I just received an email blast from Luna Park this morning for the first time in three years. I had previously unsubscried, so it was officially spam! I suspect a mismanaged business is more to blame, and his other ventures like Supper Club and his place on 23rd and Valencia were disasters. Nevertheless - good to see someone in SF making a stink about the outrageous minimum wage...its just an excuse for this failed businessman though.