Sunday, October 5, 2014

On Today's Edition of The State vs. The Internet

By Chris Rossini

We have one of Obama's 'favorite buddies', Turkish President Erdogan, who says:
“I am increasingly against the Internet every day,” and “Media should never have been given the liberty to insult.”
And next we have the 'westernized' South Korea:
South Korea's president is cracking down on rumors in cyberspace...Prosecutors announced the crackdown two weeks ago after President Park Geun-hye complained about insults directed at her and said false rumors "divided the society."
Fortunately, here in the land of the exceptional, we don't have to worry about these things. The media over here has the government on a very short leash. They're the best watchdogs on the planet. If a politician even thinks of veering from the U.S. Constitution, The New York Times unloads.

In addition to that, Americans can speak freely in cyberspace without having to worry about government spying on every word.

Who knows? Perhaps someday the U.S. military will bring freedom to Turkey and South Korea as well. No one should have to deal with government censorship.

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