Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Urban Primitivism NFL Style

Urban primitivism was on display last week at the new home of the San Francisco 49ers, Levis Stadium.

A fight over who was in line next to use a bathroom stall led to two men ending up in the hospital, one in serious condition, and two others were arrested.


Robert Willlmann Jr. writes:

In your post about Urban Primitivism NFL Style
of today, I saw that the video of the bathroom
brawl was removed from YouTube because of
"shocking and disgusting content".  Well, the
video is apparently available here--



Family members of the two men accused in the beating of two #49ers fans at Sunday's game are speaking out. "They were provoked" by a racial slur.



  1. I still think what happened to Bryan Stow a few years ago has to be the worst of the worst when talking about fan violence.


  2. "They were provoked" by a racial slur. Apparently they think that justifies violence. Sticks and stones will brake your bones if your names hurt me.

  3. Avoiding places frequented by urban primitives is a good idea. Especially if those places prohibit you from defending yourself (and others) by the force of arms. And, yes, this means spectator sports venues.