Friday, November 14, 2014

5 Things That Used to Be Free (but aren’t anymore)

In some cases, it is a kind of hidden price inflation, by charging for what used to come free with other goods, and in some cases it is the result of government regulation and taxes.

MarketWatch lists 5 things that used to be free, but generally are not anymore:

Airplane food

Salsa and chips

Online news

Grocery bags

Gas station air


  1. There is a very good reason why there isn't 'free air', or rather the free use of air compressor to inflate tires at a gas station now.

    The first is they are fuel and convenience stores about 99 times out of a 100 now. This means there are not service bays. Without service bays there is no reason to have an air compressor. The air hose to inflate tires for free is no big deal when you already need the air compressor for profit generating business. When it's entirely an expense, it just goes away or goes to air compressors that run on a vending machine.

    The second is vandalism and abuse. The last stations near me that had 'free air' would have the hose and fitting vandalized on a regular basis. If they put on a nice inflator that showed the pressure someone would trash it. Also I saw one guy pull up with a number of air tanks, designed to hold compressed air for nail guns, and fill them. I understand why they gave up on it.

    Charging for tap water? My guess this has to do mostly with the quality of the offerings for sale. Which of course are the way they are (with HFCS) because of government interference in the economy.

    Airlines charging structures are the way they are because of how people shop for airline tickets. Inflation or not the airline that made 'food' an extra would look better to people buying tickets.

  2. Thanks for sharing those five things that used to be free like: Airplane food, Salsa and chips, Online news, Grocery bags, Gas station air Robert.

  3. Right! I would add to this list: water, national parks, trash pick ups, gas station services...

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  6. i love your 5 things, those can find it grocery store with a small price :)