Friday, November 14, 2014

The Importance of Ludwig von Mises in Understanding Current Keynesian Caused Distortions in the Economy

Dear Bob,

On Thursday, November 13th, I was interviewed on the "Boom-Bust" segment on RT television on Ludwig von Mises and the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle, especially in terms of its important and continuing relevance in the context of current Federal Reserve monetary policy with its easy money policies and interest rate manipulations of the last several years.

Here is the link on YouTube, the segment runs for about 8 minutes. 


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  1. Eberling is pretty well spoken. I've never seen him live before, only read some of his stuff. I had no idea he's over at The Citadel now too, that's an interesting place for him to teach. It's a big change to go from SoCal to South I personally know.