Friday, November 14, 2014

Deflation Since Paul Krugman was Born

Barely a Paul Krugman article or post goes up at NYT where Krugman isn't worrying about deflation. Krugman was born in February 1953. Here's what has happened to prices since his birth:

Yup, the man has suffered through a lot of deflation.

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  1. It's really quite simple. Krugman likes big government. He's a shill for every hare-brained government program, the bigger the better in his view.

    But the US government is the world's largest debtor, and debtors benefit from paying off their debts with a constantly depreciating currency. Thus the need for propaganda about the dangers of falling prices.

    And now you know why we'll ultimately get inflation, no matter how badly we need a deflationary bust to correct our economic imbalances. Falling prices can always be counteracted with currency creation in unlimited quantities.

    Got gold?