Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Go Ahead Keep Raising the Minimum Wage: Here Comes DyRoS, the Humanoid Robot

A collaborative interdisciplinary team has designed a full sized humanoid bipedal robot.

The robot has already been integrated into a contemporary Korean dance performance.

The next step say developers is to develop the upper body.

Let's see minimum wagers compete with this

(via DHRC)

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  1. Germany poised to say yes to €1.1m a patient gene therapy drug

    Although there is already a gene therapy for cancer on the market in China, that has not been rolled out to other countries, making Glybera a first for the west.

    Proponents of the gene-fixing technology insist it stacks up as a cost-effective treatment, despite the high cost, as it could permanently cure many patients.

    can't wait til they displace all those pharm sale reps hawking poison.