Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gold-Hater Nouriel Roubini Comes Out of the Fed's Basement

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Which really means he doesn't want to address this:


  1. Interesting timing for Roubini to be making comments on gold...

  2. Depends on the time scale.
    Too many gold bulls claimed there would be great gold gains and dollar declines on the small time scale, not on a 42 year time scale. I look at this chart and I see it taking a decade or more for gold to get back to the peak. The god cycle between up and down looks very long

    I for one have grown weary of the predictions. Especially the ones that keep placing the dollar's death next year. Always next year or the year after next. I started hearing that in early oughts. . Yes collapse of the status quo must come eventually, the math alone says it will, let's just admit nobody has a clue when.

  3. Great headline, ". . . Comes Out of the Fed's Basement."

    Excellent point, Jimmy Joe.

  4. Facts About China, Russia & End Of Gold Bear Market

    “And there is a terrific correlation between the S&P and quantitative easing, with the S&P being up roughly 40 percent as quantitative easing injected something like $4 trillion. So we know where that money went. At the same time, the GDP numbers came out and all this contributed to the strength in the U.S. dollar.

    Finally, my portfolio manager out of Paris has done some very fine work looking at Comex gold dating back to 2011. He looked at the bullion short position and since June 2013 we had four peaks in terms of short interest. After each peak in the non-commercial short interest there has been a dramatic run-up in the price of gold as high as 40 percent on the turnaround.

    I believe we have peaked in the last week or so in terms of the non-commercial gold shorts. So I think we are within days of this turnaround in gold. The U.S. dollar is incredibly overbought and the technical evidence shows that gold is very oversold. This situation should reverse itself shortly and gold should begin a rather lengthy and large move to the upside. This also means the gold bear market is finally coming to an end.”,_Russia_%26_End_Of_Gold_Bear_Market.html

  5. @Jimmy Joe Meeker

    I for one have grown weary of the predictions.

    One does wonder, however, what the hell is propping the whole thing up?