Saturday, November 22, 2014

Interesting Research Using Twitter; The Unemployed Get Up Late And Can't Spell

Tim Worstall reports:
This isn’t perhaps the most interesting pair of results that have come from research into the patterns on Twitter and of tweets. But they are two of the interesting markers that the research has found. What was done was to look at a subset of all tweets made in Spain over a time period and then map that over unemployment rates and geolocation information. What was being looked for was any pattern that matched: is there any difference in the general pattern of tweets from low unemployment areas and high?
What was found that there was and those findings included the two in the headline.
Tweeting started (or rather peaked) later in the day in areas of high unemployment rather than low. And the spelling of tweets was worse in areas with high unemployment.
The abstract of the paper is here
To be sure, as any Austrian school economist would tell you, there may be many reasons for these empirical results, but still interesting anecdotal facts.

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