Monday, November 10, 2014

There is No Price Inflation ($12 Million Alzheimer's Art Edition).

Maybe Paul Krugman thinks this is normal.

Tyler Cowen reports:
Being briefly in New York City, I stopped in to visit the pre-auction viewing for the Contemporary Art sale at Christie’s...A very good Robert Ryman “white painting” (yes, that means it is white, more or less only white, but the textures are very good) these days goes for $8-12 million, as does a good de Kooning from his Alzheimer’s period.  Those price estimates are without the buyer’s premia.  A Twombly chalkboard painting was estimated in the $35-55 million range...

 de Kooning from his Alzheimer’s period $8-12 million

Ryman “white painting $8-12 million”

Twombly chalkboard $35-55 million


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    imagine if krugman had to earn a living in the "real" world?

  2. "Diamonds will burn at about 1562°F (850°C). House fires and jewelers’ torches can reach that temperature."

  3. is it worth the risk to pass off some of my 4 year old daughters scrrbbles as a twombly or a senile era de kooning?