Monday, November 17, 2014

US Marshalls to Auction Off 50,000 Bitcoins

The U.S. Marshal’s Service today announced a second series of auctions to sell off thousands of bitcoins related to the seizure of Silk Road.

The first auction, which took place in June, sold off bitcoins belonging to Silk Road, while the new auction will sell those belonging to the site’s alleged operator, Ross Ulbricht.

It should be noted that this auction is going on even though Ulbricht has not,to this date, been convicted of anything.

In the first auction, which took place in June, it sold 29,655 bitcoins.

The 50,000 bitcoins going up for auction in December are only part of the estimated 144,000 bitcoins that the Marshals seized from Ulbricht.

(via Gigaom)

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