Saturday, November 1, 2014

Wonderful Obamacare: Average Monthly Premium Costs Before and After the Affordable Care Act

In analysis published this week, the website compared the average premiums people paid in 2013, before Obamacare plans went on sale, to 2014 plan prices. HealthPocket looked at premiums paid by non-smoking men and women, ages 23, 30 and 63, in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

"HealthPocket found that the average health insurance premium increased by double digits for each group examined, though some groups saw a much steeper increase than others," the report said.

For 23-year-old non-smoking men, the average premium for all plans jumped 78 percent in 2014, the report said. Women of the same age saw a 45-percent hike.

For 30-year-olds, the increases were 73 percent for men and 35 percent for women. Only the 63-year-old age group saw bigger price hikes for women, with females paying 37.5 percent more for insurance on average in 2014, and men paying an average of nearly 23 percent more.

"Even as a health-care expert I was very surprised at these results," said Kev Coleman, HealthPocket's head of research and data. "I hadn't expected it to be as high as it was."

(via CNBC)

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  1. Where is that $2500 annual savings we were all promised? You mean to tell me that the president told a fib? Say it ain't so!

    If the increasing costs aren't maddening enough, now we find out that some of the funds are being used to promote amnesty for illegal aliens:

    Someone please explain to me how Obama isn't the Manchurian Candidate.