Saturday, November 1, 2014

More Bitcoin -Type Evil

This time its coming via a Bitcoin-like platform.

Christopher Ellis,  a hacker that specializes in privacy and decentralized security, has  created a platform that utilizes a type of off-the-shelf PGP encryption as well as a bitcoin-like blockchain that he calls the World Citizenship Passport.

According to Forbes:
According to Ellis at the project’s homepage, [sic] “we aim to give people across the world the ability to grant one another World Citizenship by virtue of their being witnessed in space and in time. This witnessing can be documented with photography and video, that content can be signed with PGP signatures, hashed and timestamped.”
But what the hell does a passport have to do with privacy? There was a time that individuals traveled without passports that's freedom, that's privacy.

Ellis' creation is just another bad idea painted in the terms of freedom and privacy that can only end in trouble. Forbes identifies the key problem, it's all about government adoption, which, of course is a very dangerous, very bad idea.
The trick, of course, is getting nations to accept the passports, and that requires a level of education and comfort that’s clearly not there yet...since the project is open source, any government could easily fold the World Citizenship platform into their existing passport programs, and that may be the only way to make the passports universally accepted

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