Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bitcoin Panic Selling

There's more downside action in the price of Bitcoin today. Coindesk is calling it "panic selling."

$316 was broken today, hitting $305 earlier. Will the Bitcoin fanboys be able to hold the price above $300 through the end of the year? Probably not.

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  1. If you don't understand it and/or have no control of the cloud it is in, I would say there are 2 major red flags saying don't get involved in it. And once you do a transaction, it's permanently recorded and that's not all, seems every few months 'something' new threatens it.

    Started out that Bitcoin's biggest attraction point was ... it was 'anonymous' ... then we find out it isn't (unless you're an expert and then it's just a matter of time before even you are toast).

    Every transaction is recorded forever, all the IRS forms (in the US)WILL be your responsibility at your peril and new laws and regulations can instantly make you a retroactive criminal.

    Other countries will follow the most revenue lucrative model, just a matter of time, your transactions are permanently recorded.

    Putting your wealth in a cloud, not knowing who is controlling and tracking it or about to attack it while TPTB are aggressively using their endless resources to corral you (as they encourage you to get in), ... why get involved?

    Of course the NWO corporate police state elites want it, they'll have your pound of flesh.

    Bill eugenics Gates says it's "exciting" (same guy that wants you out of gold and a few billion people depopulated from the earth)

    Governments will exploit this cash cow when muppets are in and captured and the revenues can be milked (at their leisure), money laundering, tax evasion just for starts, or just audits, it is your problem to hire lawyer$ and defend yourself while trying to keep your property from confiscation.

    Why do this to yourself?

    Then there are the hack attacks and the growing EMP threat.

    Never a shortage of muppets


    ... and remember this, what's coming next (surprised? not me)

    Did FinCEN & SEC Just Destroy Bitcoin’s Future In The US?

    Posted on October 30, 2014 by Justin O'Connell