Monday, December 8, 2014

Did Paul Krugman Set the Los Angeles Fire in Order to Help the Economy of LA?

Paul Krugman is a great advocate of what can only be called "The Theory of Destructive Growth."

He has called for broken windows to improve the economy (SEE: Paul Krugman: A Broken Window Equals Economic Strength) and he has also called for a war with fake space aliens (SEE: Krugman Calls for Spending to Defend Against Space Aliens).

Thus, it comes as no surprise when the thought wanders to Krugman on news of the spectacular fire this morning in downtown Los Angeles (SEE: Massive Fire in Downtown Los Angeles)

Dr. Walter Block emails:

Dear Bob:

Here's my comment on the LA fire:

I agree with anonymous: Said Krugman about the fire: "This cannot help but boost LA's recovery." The only real question is, Did Krugman set this fire in order to help the economy of LA?


  1. The kind of destructive growth I'd like to see is the disappearance of the New York Times, and with it, the madness of Paul Krugman's worthless opinions. The man is a cartoon character masquerading as an economist.

  2. So I guess Krugman is saying that arsonists should get Nobel Prizes, just like him. That pretty much sums it up.