Monday, December 8, 2014

George Selgin's Deep Dark Past

More email from Walter Block:
Dear Bob:

We may disagree in IP and Rand (pure entrepreneurship is a very minor point), but we agree on 99.9% of everything else in political economy, I'm pretty sure.

In saying this I was struck by the brilliance of your critique of George Selgin today( I especially appreciated your critical comment on George since so many people make an exception for money in their support for free enterprise. You, certainly, do not.

Once upon a time in the deep dark past, George was a libertarian, and, even, an Austrian:

Selgin, George A. 1988. "Praxeology and Understanding: An Analysis of the Controversy in Austrian Economics," Review of Austrian Economics, Vol. 2, pp. 19-58;

This is a real good essay by George, but, I have heard, he has subsequently renounced it, but I'm not sure of this.

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Walter E. Block, Ph.D.
Harold E. Wirth Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Professor of Economics
Joseph A. Butt, S.J. College of Business
Loyola University New Orleans

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  1. Wanna know why Selgin is still so butthurt after all these years? Rothbard eviscerated his and White's Scotland "free banking" thesis after initially praising their work: