Thursday, December 18, 2014

ECONOMIC TERRORISM: Last Week's Massive LA Fire at Apartment Complex Under Construction Was Arson

Last week's massive downtown LA fire at an apartment complex that was under construction was an act of arson, authorities now say. reports NBC Bay Area.

Investigators said they recovered an accelerant, pointing to arson. The fire on Dec. 8 at 900 West Temple Street destroyed a seven-story complex under construction, damaged a nearby high-rise structures and the Harbor (110) Freeway.

The blaze caused up to $30 million in damage to the DaVinci Apartments.

I suspected it was "economic terrorism" at the time of the fire (SEE:Massive Fire in Downtown Los Angeles).

There is a small but growing anti-growth, anti-society element on the West Coast.


  1. This was interesting.

  2. But think of all the new jobs this destruction will create...

  3. Who knows? This act of arson may have been a charitable Keynesian's Christmas present to the masses.

  4. Paul Krugman must surely approve.

  5. Probably some Howard Roark wanna-be

  6. Downtown LA is just starting to look inhabitable after decades of decay. Rents and real estate prices are on the rise. I have been driving there on weekends for various family outings.
    I think a brave economist ought to explore the possibility that "slums" serve a vital economic purpose and that their strongest supporters aren't the landlords, or property owners, but the inhabitants themselves. A honest and full spectrum examination like the one(s) that was given to "sweat shops" in third world countries I was seeing a lot of a few months back.